The work of the Luminous Body Integral Energy Medicine helps to unwind no longer needed energetic imprints, beliefs, thought patterns and stuck emotional blocks. As a practitioner of Integral Energy Medicine Taja Will holds a grounded, strong container which allows for the deep unfolding of the personal growth process. Taja’s background with the Luminous Body’s training draws from a strong container which integrates principles from…Kristen Greco
Taja Will has been instrumental in assisting me in energetic and physical healing on profound levels. The work has been immediately effective, in my physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Her work has, without a doubt, been the most powerful energy work (hands off) that I have received, in many years, and maybe ever. The focus and intentionality is clear and direct. If you’re ready to go for it and not afraid of transformation,…Krista DeNioArtist, Educator, Administrator, bodyworker
Taja provides a nurturing & safe environment. Truly gifted, she facilitates sessions that leave one feeling peaceful & renewed.K. Lesik
In the healing process, Taja unites her intimate knowledge of how the body works with a powerful energetic presence. She confronts both emotional and physical pains with her work, helping me to understand the connections between problems that seem separate but are intertwined. Healing has never felt so good: I leave sessions feeling refreshed and renewed, grounded in new knowledge about myself and the way I interact with the world around me.…Tim from Minneapolis

My sessions with Taja have been the most transformative healing sessions that I have ever had. Taja’s profound presence and ability to flow between different modalities creates a space that allows me to journey deep into my physical, emotional and energetic bodies. There I can feel the release of energetic blocks that are physically manifest in my body, and unite with parts of myself I hardly knew were…


“I have had the pleasure of listening to Taja’s guided meditations on a number of occasions and can say confidently that I have journeyed more deeply to her loving words than with any other teacher.  She is a gentle and brilliant articulator, making it easy for me to drop defenses and surrender myself to the moment.  Taja is fluent in the language of the body, obviously tuned in to all the nuances of her…

Emily C

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