Energetic Medicine Practice

An overview of my practice

I have been working in Energy Medicine and somatics for 8 years, since my own waist down spinal paralysis. My paralysis was triggered after years of competitive athletics through high school. During this experience, I dismissed Western Medicine’s recommendations of pain killer injections and surgery, the doctors didn’t know if I would walk again. Instead I worked the power of healing through intention and then worked with somatic bodyworkers in movement and repatterning.

My practice is a unique blend of therapies tailored specifically for each client. These therapies live within the realm of energy medicine and somatic modalities, including Dynamic Alignment, Body-Mind Centering and Bartenieff Fundamentals. I aim to facilitate treatment that address the entire human system, including belief systems, emotional distress, developmental trauma and physical pain. During sessions we will excavate the unconscious thought processes and imprinted patterns; patterns resulting from developmental trauma. This trauma, however large or small, remembered or forgotten often occurs from the time in utero, through birth, into the teen years. The manifestation of trauma becomes imprinted and displays as mannerism or defense mechanism. In the present this may affecting ones interpersonal relationships, emotional tonality, postural-physical mannerisms and feelings about one’s self.

I encourage ongoing sessions to increase personal awareness and takes a holistic approach to shifting from one’s dysfunctional or even functional patterns, into conscious awareness of one’s full potential. Sessions in both energy medicine and somatics function as fully active process or work as restorative, preventative sessions. Ultimately working toward a common goal of sustainability for the client.